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Webinar        Date: 21st of August 2020              Start Time: 5pm WAT/ 6pm CET

Training valued at: N10,000


OFFLINE PAYMENT: PAY INTO 0043993812, GTBank, Omotosho Daniel Omotade. After payment, send your proof of payment, phone number and email address to . You'll receive a confirmation email with further details



send an email to or a WhatsApp message to +48 739 491 938


  • You would you like to learn about physical and digital products you can create and monetize for children
  • As a teacher you would like to have an extra source of income
  • You are wondering how you can sharpen your skills and monetize it 
  • You would like to become more enterprising and creative
  • As a teacher you would like to use your skill and passion to solve a problem and make impact
  • You are wondering how to get through these tough season and navigate the changing educational system with ease

After training guidiance 

Aside the knowledge you'll get during the webinar, we will also be glad to guide you and answer your questions as you launch out.


 you can have access to a network of teachers to support you and cheer you on in your new endeavour

Free resources 

Templates, useful resources and links will be made available during the webinar. it is a total package!

Here's what teachers had to say about our trainings and classes

Tolutola's classes are so impactful, she is so practical and you can easily implement her strategies and suggestions

                                                                                            S.D, Jos, Nigeria

I attented your life session on 'from passion to profit ' and  am happy to tell you that because of that session I started to think about what I do so well. I did a design for a client and she paid me. My first Job! im so excited! I'm grateful I attaended your class.

                                                                                              N.K, Warsaw, Poland

My thinking pattern changed and I know what I want to do now. Thank you so much for that session

                                                                                            B.O , Abuja, Nigeria

Your teachings are really insightful, I have discovered new ways to engage my learners and their different styles of learning. Thank you

                                                                                           T.D, NY, USA


                               MY STORY

Hi, i'm Tolutola Omotosho

The founder of Train The Teachers Academy. A professional ESL teacher with over 10 years of international experience in teaching and training. A certified child psychologist, author of: Early Learners Series, 20 classroom games adaptable to any classroom . 

 Some years ago, I ventured into a business where I lost almost everything.  I was in crisis and I felt everything I had worked for was down the drain just like that. I was uncertain about the next phrase. I was a passionate teacher, but I wanted more. I needed more. 

One thing I did that helped me get out of the rut was to look inwards and discover my inherent potential and the things I could do well. I asked myself some deep questions and realized I had so much capacity in me to create and innovate. I had the ability to change my financial status. I had the skills to impact my world and make money too.That was my big break. Since then, I stopped putting limits on myself, I started to think productively and as a result my life, career and business began to sky rocket. 

My crisis story is much like the crisis we've all found ourselves in times like this. The educational system has been shaken and we all struggle to find our balance. Now its time to switch!

You can be the teacher who is enterprising. You can monetize your skills and have multiple streams of income while making great impact in your world. How, is what I want to show you. As the author of 3 books for students and teachers, a creator of several games for the classroom and the owner of a language school, I have acquired proven strategies that will help you.  At the end of this Webinar you will be ready to launch out and won't be perturbed by whatever the educational system and life throws at you. You will be able to create multiple streams of income for yourself.

After this Webinar, you will:

1. Learn 5 major products and services(physical and digital) that you can create for children and teenagers

2. Learn the practical steps to creating any one you choose. What tools to use and how to start

3. Learn how to launch out this product or service and become a solution provider in the educational sector

4. Learn how to start Marketing your product/service to attract the right audience

5. Learn how to leverage on your strength and skill to make more income and feel fulfilled by doing what you already love.


OFFLINE PAYMENT: PAY INTO 0043993812, GTBank, Omotosho Daniel Omotade. After payment, send your proof of payment, phone number and email address to . You'll receive a confirmation email with further details